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  • Harley Fuel Pressure Gauge

Harley Fuel Pressure Gauge

Product ID: MC500

Fuel Tools fuel pressure gauge for fuel injected Harley Davidson motorcycles utilizes quick disconnects so that checking fuel pressure is a breeze. No more chasing fuel system problems. Often times the cause of a poor performing motorcycle is a problem with the fuel system. This gauge will allow you to quickly diagnose any issues with your fuel system.

  • Provides for simple, fast and accurate fuel pressure checks
  • Quickly Diagnosis: Loss of power, poor fuel economy, hesitation and stalling
  • Fits 2001 and newer Harley Davidson® Bikes
  • Great for technicians or Dyno shops.
  • Solid nickle plated brass adapter and release valve, Steel housing 100PSI Gauge, Viton® O-Rings, O-Ring lubricant and Nylon Storage pouch

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